Mill Park Project

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During our process we have been capturing thoughts from the residents, to see how we are all getting along.



We had a check in with the group to see how they felt after a year of working together. A common theme was friendship and the ability to make change. This was really powerful and in turn was having a positive effect on peoples confidence, self worth and empowerment.  

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Feedback from our open day May 2017

"Before, i would never had let my daughter play in here, it was really gross. Now i'm quite happy to"

Sarah 34 - Local parent


"Being disabled, i was always stuck in my flat. Now when the sun comes out i can come and sit on the bench" Sally 53 - Local resident


"There's more people using the park than before. we've met loads of new mums"

Deb 40 - local parent


"As come through the flats, you notice the colour first. the atmosphere has changed, its more welcoming" Wendy 60 - Local resident


"Its loads better, more colourful and theres less dog poo. We can play football in here now, instead of the street"

Asia 11 - Local resident