Mill Park Project

Led by the community, we have spent two years working with local artists studio ' In Bristol Studios' located in Great Western Lane, opposite Cotton Mill to develop concepts for a pocket park. This has led to a number of successful grant applications that have allowed the design and devlopment of the park into a functioning, social and vibrant local asset. The group contiune to meet on a regular basis and have long term plans to continue improving the space.

clea up team

The Mill Park Project is about a community coming together to develop an unloved piece of land into an aspirational space that all local families and residents can be proud of

The site is sandwiched between four social housing developments, one being a high-rise council owned block of flats. The park performs an important role as a key linking space between the four housing areas and is also a key walking route to a parade of local shops and a local primary school.

This process has bought people together in the community, improving social connections and ties. The sense of achievement we feel realising our ambitions for this project have provided a sense of empowerment in our local environment. The pocket park cemented these relationships by providing   a gathering place and a shared asset which all the community can use.  Collectively we see this as a huge boost to social well-being and community pride, developing Mill park is creating a really positive shared focus for the people who live and work here.

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